Friday, March 18, 2011

SGC Action on Cherokee! (March 18)

Getting ready for SGC on Cherokee tonight. We'll have a new piece in Aisle 1 Gallery (Texas & Cherokee) and some new work in Los Caminos (2649 Cherokee Street.) Both opening tonight! Lots of exciting print stuff going on all weekend. This is a lantern we printed for Bob Hartzell's Lights Along Cherokee project. Keep your eyes out for a bunch of these up and down the street tonight.

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  1. Hey Sleepy Kitty!
    My name is Diana, I run a theater company called Twinhead Theatre and we are organizing the first Atlanta Fringe Festival. I am planning several events before then to raise money and buzz about the festival, and I contacted the Back Pockets to play one of these events on May 21st. They are, unfortunately, already engaged that evening, but sent me here to your blog to see if maybe you guys would be interested in doing something for it! I hate to go on and on in your comments section, so please feel free to check out Twinhead at and if you're interested in performing something really awesome at a super cool party on May 21st, please email me at or you can Facebook me if that's easier, Diana Brown is my full name. Then I can send you all the details about the event and get to know you better! You guys look awesome--I'd love to see what you do for myself!